Just-in-time is a concept of globalisation that worked brilliantly when everything flowed and was consistent for years. Just-in-time was unbeatable, cost-efficient, lean and profitable.

When everything falters, when uncertainty is the prevailing feeling and prices topple hourly like at the petrol stations, we need an answer. So now!

Availability – Reliability – Stability

The pressure is on. The central demands of buyers and dispatchers in gas and coal-fired power plants, in nuclear power plants or in waste to energy plants remain the same.  They need a guarantee that they can continue to produce and they need reliable partners. For all those who use process steam in production, we have good news!

We can deliver, offer our demanding service and remain price stable!

Material is available

In view of the current situation, we have taken precautions and filled our stocks. This means we are flexible for the foreseeable future and can react quickly to new fittings, replacements or conversions.

Prices remain stable

Thanks to our extensive storage capacities, we can continue to keep our offer prices stable and – what is additionally important – our offers remain valid. They are still up to date even after opening the offer PDF and remain so. We do not want to give room to real inflation.

Service in the usual form

Customer service is very important to us. We rely on specialists whom we have trained ourselves at BOMAFA and who ensure transparency and professional security in the power plants on site. Their advantage: together with their BOMAFA colleagues, they have their own design department at their disposal, with the help of which they are extremely flexible.

Wear and conditions of the valves and their connections are professionally recorded on site and integrated into meaningful reports: For us, these reports are the key to targeted order processing. As BOMAFA has a high level of in-house production depth, we can offer the right solutions with full material stocks and the many years of experience of the specialist departments: From new valves, to the repair of third-party products, to the sustainable conversion of valves for new load cases.

In the current economic situation, in which the availability of energy is becoming a central performance factor, we have taken precautions and can offer with the best conscience to be the competent, deliverable and fair partner nearby that you need now.

In the long term, digitalisation will offer new solutions for the supply chain issue. Data analyses will then analyse weak points in the supply chain and forecast alternatives in procurement. In the current situation, however, this development is a promise of the future and does not help.