The high performance rotary control valve with bieccentric disc was designed to attend large flows pro-cesses, low and medium differential pressures. It is con-structed with nominal diameters of 14 to 36 inches at extremities type Wafer, Lug or with integral Flanges in the short or long body version.
One of the highlights of technological content is the uniformity of design in the set of its wide array of products. The valve incorporates all the basic principles of the renown design of the standard series, such as: Nonselective discs and shafts; Very deep packing box, permitting the use of all available packing options, including the special configurations for fugitive emissions control; Disc with optimized concavity and geometry, providing bigger flow capacity combining with a complete family of pneumatic actuators, for a better performance in applications of throttling control or “on-off” type actuation, extending its application for use in cryogenics or high temperature processes.